What Is Vehicle Recovery?

Vehicle recovery is used to recover any vehicle involved in an accident with a flat tyre or won’t start. 

This process involves using a commercial vehicle called a recovery truck or spectacle lift. 

This is a necessary process that requires skilled and qualified professionals. 

Vehicle recovery is one of the essential services that any car owner needs to know about.

Recovery Equipment

Today’s vehicle recovery equipment is highly sophisticated and manufactured in large numbers all over the world. It has come a long way from the crude tools used during the Second World War. 

Most recovery vehicles have a powerful winch capable of lifting as much as thirty tons. Some larger vehicles are equipped with two winches capable of pulling up to thirty tons each. Moreover, they are equipped with personal safety equipment for the crew.

Changing A Tyre

Many cars now only have tyre weld supplied, which manufacturers have done to save money, weight and space.

You will need a vehicle recovery service to quickly pick you up and transport you to the nearest tyre centre. 

If you have a spare tyre, AtWheel can come and change it for you at the side of the road or motorway and get you on your way in no time. 

What3Words For Recovery

Vehicle recovery services like AtWheel use What3Words to pinpoint a car’s location. We can also communicate with local authorities to recover the vehicle.

Once the vehicle is recovered, you can choose where you want it taken. 

This can be your home, a garage or a dealership. 

You might need to use a vehicle recovery service in many situations. A flat tyre, a dead battery, or a broken tyre are all problems where a vehicle may require towing. 

A professional recovery service like AtWheel will be able to help you with the recovery and transport of your vehicle, regardless of its type.

Vehicle recovery services are essential for anyone who owns a vehicle. 

Even those with tight budgets can find affordable options. An excellent way to start searching for car recovery services is online. 

Many companies offer complete packages on their websites. 

Contact AtWheel if you don’t have a breakdown subscription and need urgent recovery or transport. 

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