How Does Vehicle Recovery Work?

Nobody wants to experience a vehicle breakdown or be involved in an accident, but unfortunately, these things can happen. When your vehicle refuses to start or is stranded on the side of the road, it’s essential to have a reliable vehicle recovery service at your disposal. In this article, we will explore how vehicle recovery works and how AtWheel, a leading vehicle recovery company, can assist you in these situations.

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Contacting AtWheel

When you find yourself in a vehicle emergency, the first step is to contact AtWheel. This can be done via phone or their website. Their customer service representatives are available 24/7, ensuring that you receive immediate assistance whenever you need it.

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Providing Details and Location

Once you reach out to AtWheel, they will ask for specific details regarding your situation. This includes information such as your vehicle type, location, and the nature of the problem. Providing accurate details helps AtWheel determine the appropriate equipment and resources needed for the recovery process.

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Sending a Recovery Vehicle

After gathering all the necessary information, AtWheel dispatches a recovery vehicle to your location. AtWheel has a fleet of specialised vehicles equipped to handle various types of breakdowns and accidents. These vehicles are operated by experienced technicians who are well-trained in recovery techniques.

Assessing and Repairing the Vehicle

Upon arrival, AtWheel technicians will assess the condition of your vehicle to diagnose the problem. In many cases, minor issues can be resolved on-site, allowing you to continue your journey promptly. However, if the problem is more serious, the technicians will arrange for the safe transportation of your vehicle to a nearby garage or repair facility. AtWheel ensures that your vehicle is handled with care during the entire process.

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Towing and Transportation

If your vehicle cannot be repaired on-site, AtWheel will arrange for towing and transportation. They utilise specialised equipment such as flatbed or wheel-lift trucks to safely load and secure your vehicle for transportation. Throughout this process, AtWheel maintains constant communication with their customers, keeping them informed about the progress and expected timeframes.


Apart from vehicle recovery and towing, AtWheel offers additional services to cater to different needs. These services can include fuel delivery, battery jumpstarts, flat tyre changes, and lockout assistance. AtWheel aims to provide comprehensive solutions to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Once your vehicle has been repaired or transported to the designated location, AtWheel will ensure that it is safely dropped off. In certain cases, the vehicle may need to be stored temporarily until the owner can make further arrangements. AtWheel provides secure storage facilities to keep your vehicle safe until it can be retrieved.

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Vehicle recovery is a crucial service that helps individuals in difficult situations. AtWheel, with their efficient and professional approach, ensures that you receive prompt and reliable assistance during vehicle breakdowns or accidents. By following these steps, AtWheel ensures a smooth and seamless vehicle recovery process, giving you peace of mind in challenging circumstances.

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