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Vehicle Homestart  

Use Our Home Start Service To Get Your Vehicle Started At Home 

Our at-home start service gets your vehicle going again in case of a flat battery or tyre. If your car doesn’t start, our team carries the latest vehicle diagnostics so we can talk to the car and find out what’s happening with it. 

What is Vehicle Home-Start? 

It’s a service that helps you get your vehicle started when stuck at home. Most breakdown cover doesn’t have a home start option meaning you will be left to get yourself going, which can be difficult. 

We aim to get your vehicle started, but if, for any reason, we cannot, we carry the latest vehicle diagnostics with us so we can communicate with your vehicle and find the issue. 

Battery Replacement

Usually, when the cold spell arrives, weak batteries start losing charge overnight, and when you come out in the morning your vehicle won’t start, or it will just click. Usually, this indicates you need a new battery if you’re using the car daily. AtWheel Homestart vans carry new batteries for most makes and models and can install them for you. Our call-out fee includes the installation labour, so all you need to do is pay extra for the new battery, which comes with a two-year guarantee. 

You probably won’t need a new battery if you don’t use your vehicle frequently. Many vehicles keep systems running even when the engines are off, and although they don’t use much power over a period, it still uses the battery’s power which will cause it to go flat. 

What if you can’t start my vehicle or diagnose it? 

Our call-out fee applies to any call, but we can recover the car for you if we can’t get it going. All you would need to do is pay the additional fee for recovery

We will recover your vehicle to a garage of your choice, or if you’ve only recently bought it, we can recover it back to the dealership you purchased it from. Our accounts team will send you the invoice and CC the garage into it so you can reclaim your cost incurred. 

Our blog will give you all the tips and tricks to keep your battery healthy and charged. 

To use our Homestart service, call us on 07444400271.

Our home start recovery service covers







Quick Tip – If you already have AA membership, Rac membership or Green flag it would be more beneficial for you to add Home start to your existing package, if your unable to do this or don’t have breakdown cover AtWheel is the easiest, affordable option.